Cheap Movers Austin is a fully licensed and insured moving company specializing in local and long distance residential moves in Austin, TX. Whether your home is a studio apartment on S. Lamar or a large estate overlooking Lake Austin, our professionals can help you move your household with ease. A full service moving company, we have helped thousands of Austinites with their moving needs over the years. From packing the moving boxes to reassembling your beds, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make your moving experience easier.

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Planning Your Household Relocation

Moving to a new residence is never easy – in addition to purging and packing, you are probably staring down a long moving checklist of things to get done. If the thought of managing the whole relocation yourself sounds overwhelming, it’s time to call in the professionals. One of Austin’s oldest moving companies, Cheap Movers Austin handles the logistics of your household relocation, leaving you time to focus on the rest of your move.

  • Apartment Moves: Did you know what 39% of Austin residents rent? So, it’s no surprise that our moving team handles a lot of apartment moves. Whether you live on the 5th floor of a swank downtown apartment or the 1st floor of an older complex off Enfield, we can make your apartment relocation a breeze.
  • Condo Moves: Austin’s skyline has changed significantly in recent years. Now, it seems that every month, there’s a new condo building going up that’s taller than the last. While condo life is trendy and fun, the process of moving in or out of a condo poses extra challenges thanks to HOA restrictions and elevator rules. In the last decade, we’ve become pros at handling Austin’s condo moves. We’ll be there on time and equipped with everything needed to make sure you follow your condo’s moving day rules! 
  •  House Moves: Our oldest moving service, we’ve helped Austin residents with household relocations for decades. Whether you live in a modern build on the East Side or a more traditional home in Old West Austin, we can help you move houses quickly so you can settle into your new home!
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Residential Moving Services

Of course, we know the moving process gets expensive, which is why we allow you to choose the services you need. As you plan your relocation, keep in mind that we offer the following moving services:

Full Service Moving

Perfect for the busy family or professional who doesn’t have time to pack, our full service moving experience makes moving a snap. Our team shows up with moving supplies in hand, ready to carefully box up your entire home, including the kitchen, the bathrooms, and even that messy junk drawer. Then we’ll tackle disconnecting your large home appliances and disassembling and wrapping your furniture. Once everything is wrapped, taped, and boxed up, we’ll get to work loading the moving truck. After everything is strapped down, secured, and ready to roll, we’ll transport the load to your new home where our crew gets busy unloading. Based on your instructions, we’ll get each item to its proper place, then start unpacking and organizing the new space. A full-service move makes your move virtually hands-free, greatly reducing the stress and anxiety that typically accompanies the moving process.

Local Hourly Moving

For local moving customers, we also offer our moving services by the hour. Need a few hands to help move furniture to another bedroom or a couple of guys retrieve items out of your storage unit? No problem! Our team is happy to help! With hourly local moving, you pay by the hour, so you better estimate how much your move will cost ahead of time. Pay for just the hourly minimum or let us keep working until the job is complete. In addition to flexing their muscles, our hourly movers can assist with packing/unpacking, furniture disassembly/reassembly, and more. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure it gets done! After the hourly minimum is met, we’ll charge in 15-minute increments, so you never get overcharged for the work performed.


In addition to full service and hourly moves, we also provide secure storage facilities for customers who need a temporary place to store their belongings. Our movers will come to your home, pick up your items, and place them in a designated area of our warehouse. When you’re ready for them, we will reload the truck and deliver your items to your new home.

Loading And Unloading

Many of our customers prefer to save money on moving by driving a rental truck themselves or ordering a portable storage container. While these are great options for reducing moving costs and adding flexibility to your moving schedule, you might still need help getting the truck or container packed and loaded at your current residence or unloaded at your destination. With lots of moves under our belts, our crew is happy to help you with loading and unloading, even if we aren’t the ones doing the driving.

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