storage unit is a necessity for many households and businesses. It provides a dedicated space to store items that you may not otherwise have room for but don’t want to purge. The key to renting a smaller unit is organization. By giving every single item in the unit a ‘home,’ you’re able to fit more into your paid space. You’re also able to inventory the contents of your storage space easier, so you’ll know what you have and where it is.

Here are some of our top storage organization ideas to keep your unit tidy:

Determine which size of box or clear plastic container works best in the space

By sticking to one general size for smaller items, one for medium, and one for larger, you create a sense of order within the confines of the square footage you’ve been allotted. You’re also able to stack items on top of one another uniformly so that your unit is accessible and presentable. Just be sure to put heavy boxes on the bottom. 

Decide which items need to be accessed instantly

Seasonal items such as clothing, holiday decorations, personal documents, and camping gear should be placed as close to the front of the unit as possible. That way, you don’t have to remove several boxes or containers to get to them when they’re needed. If you opt to use clear storage bins, you’ll see the contents instantly and be able to get what you need from them.

Label each box or bin clearly

Use labels and permanent marker. That way if you need to reuse the items later, you can just peel the label off and apply a new one. Use descriptive words to identify the contents rather than just writing the name of the room the objects go in. Rummaging through four boxes labeled ‘kitchen’ to find your colander is a waste of time and energy.

Create a master list of all the boxes and bins you have in the unit

Laminate it and keep it in a safe location to use as a reference. You can always add handwritten notes to the sheet of paper before laminating it. Or, you can write with a dry erase marker over the top of the master list to keep it updated and relevant. 

The advice we’ve provided helps you achieve more in less time. With an organized storage unit comes less stress and greater ease. It may be a time-consuming task initially but once finished, grabbing what you need from the space takes seconds versus minutes or hours looking for that one specific item. By following the tips listed above, you, too, can have your rented storage space organized before you know it. You’ll have a system that works well for you and your needs so that you can add more items to the unit or remove them whenever needed.

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