Some businesses relocate to downsize and to save money. Others have moving plans related to growth and expansion. Regardless of why you are planning to relocate your office to a new location, coordinating a fast, effective and hassle-free move is a top priority. The reality is that moving your entire business to a new location is a major undertaking, but you can reduce your stress level and enjoy great results from the entire process when you follow a few simple steps.

Create a Timeline

Before you pack any boxes or hire a moving company, you need to create a timeline for your move. To do this, you need to have a firm moving date established. Therefore, you should have your lease for a rental signed or a reasonable expectation for a closing date if you are buying a new space. List the steps required to get your business entirely moved into your new space, and estimate a reasonable number of days to tackle each to-do item on your list. With this information, you can create a realistic timeline that includes all relevant tasks that must be completed leading up to moving day.

Prepare a Moving Budget

Relocating is not possible without incurring some expenses. The cost of your relocation will vary based on the support needs that you have, the necessary moving supplies, and your location. Your moving budget should be realistic and affordable. To ensure that this budget is reasonable, you may need to obtain a few quotes from various movers to complete this step.

Discuss Plans and Expectations with Staff

Weeks before the relocation, discuss your plans with your team. Set expectations for how they will help you with the relocation effort in different ways. For example, you may expect each worker to assist with packing up their desk items and unpacking them in the new office location.

Update Your Staff Periodically

Your relocation plans may be revised slightly as the date approaches. Your team needs to be updated about any possible changes. More than that, they need to be aware of relocation steps, such as when the Internet service will be turned off and how long the business will be without connectivity.

Delegate Tasks

It is not reasonable to expect to pack all common area items on your own. Therefore, delegate packing tasks so that different workers handle various aspects of the relocation. For example, two or three people may be assigned to pack the break room or office supplies room. Some people may also need to update the website, revise marketing materials and more with the new office location.

Schedule Third Party Services

At least a month before your relocation date, make reservations with a reputable moving company. You may also need to schedule IT services to run wiring in the new facility, and you may need to connect the Internet, turn on the phone service and more. These services may be scheduled ahead of time as well to avoid downtime.

Preparing for an office move is not a step to take lightly. You can see that many steps need to be taken in the weeks and months leading up to the relocation. Each of these steps should be completed within a reasonable time so that you do not feel rushed to play catch-up at the last minute.

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